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Fair and Reasonable Campaign

In from FAR Dear Supporter, Thanks to the financial support from people like you, this week the Fair and Reasonable campaign appointed one of New Zealand's foremost litigators, Jack Hodder QC, to lead our class action against the Government on behalf of responsible firearms licence holders. Jack Hodder QC Along with our solicitors, Jack has identified several potential class actions - and in the coming weeks we'll be able to tell you more about the legal steps which the team are currently hard at work on. The Bill for the Government’s second round of amendments to the Arms Act is due to be published this month. While we have started work on the cases/legal avenues we have shortlisted, more potential actions may arise from the Bill. Similarly though, we do not want to throw our limited financial resources to legal actions that are made moot by the Government's next round of law changes. That’s why we have had to keep our powder dry. We have a number of lawyers supporting the QC in strategy, Arms Act interpretation, researching, and implementation. The legislation was rushed but our team response has to be carefully formed to have the best impact. If you're a lawyer, or able to assist with the effort, please let me know - we're doing as much as we can to make sure our limited funds go as far as possible to stand up for the cause, and hold the Government accountable. Thank you again for your support of this effort for fair and reasonable firearms laws. Michael Dowling Chairman Council of Licenced Firearms Owners (on behalf of the Fair and Reasonable Campaign) And FYI NZSRA has donated $15000 to FAR Stuart Hayman 8/8/19

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