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Anyone who has been on the range this past week Aug. 1-5 will have noticed the landscape changing. The plan is to create a berm between the 300M range and the 100, 200M ranges so both ranges can function simultaneously, which is not possible at present. A provisional stage that may happen, depending on material supply will be to have the berm completed from the 200 butts to the 200 mound giving the opportunity for two different lots of independent shooting from the 200 mound, one under cover the other off the grass mound. There is likely to be some worthwhile interruption to range use when we have machines working on range as necessary to build up the berm. I will endeavour to advise this via website and notices at Outdoorsman and Gun supplies.

Another area where there is work going on is at the container area, the front of the structure between the containers is about to have the front closed in, which will hopefully keep the possums out and get rid of the mess they are making. Also in that area work has started on the installation of the bio loo toilet, which will be a big improvement on our present facilities. So in the near future I would ask that members show a little patience and realize that we cannot improve our range without some inconvenience. Also those who attend the range by the grace of another key holding member please honour the fact you should be contributing to the costs of running the range by way of paying a range fee as stated on the signs at the range, those who have purchased a key have made their contribution , only fair others should do likewise.

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