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Due date for submission 25 April 2021

Police are now receiving submissions on the Public Consultation Document for proposals for new Regulations under the Arms Act 1983, that is located on Police's website.

You can find the Public Consultation Document, the Submission Form and further information about the submission process at:

Submissions are being asked to be made in five weeks' time, and the closing date for submissions is 25 April 2021.

Submissions can be made by completing the Submission Form and emailing the form to or posting to Firearms Policy & Partnerships, 13th Floor Police National Headquarters, 180 Molesworth Street, Wellington.

We strongly encourage you to respond and to distribute this email to your fellow firearms owners for their action.

NZDA will make a submission, as will your Branch, and we will work closely with COLFO who are also requesting the firearms community's input and seeking advice. Remember, as NZDA members, a portion of your annual fee goes to supporting COLFO and their work.

These Regulations will determine how we use, store and transport our firearms. Please take the time to give any practical advice to improve what is proposed.

We strongly encourage you to make a submission.


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