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Rotorua N.Z.D.A. Range report for July 2017.


ROTORUA NZDA Range report for July 2017.


Saturday 1st C.N.I.G.C. Service rifle club shoot.

Sunday 2nd 300M target shoot, attended by 5 or 6 regulars.

Sunday 16th .22 Metalic silhouette shoot 6 attended and scores as follows: match = 40 Targets.

Name               Chickens      Pigs       Turkeys     Rams                Total.

Tom                       6               3               5             4                        18.

Lyal                       2               5               6             2                        15.

Aaron                    4               2               5             2                        13.

Malcolm M           4               3               2             3                        12.

Sara                       6               2               1             0                          9

Paul M.                  0              1                1             5                          7

As the scores show it is not easy, when shot to rule two and a half minutes for each set of 5 targets shot from standing position.




Saturday 5th C.N.I.G.C. Service rifle club shoot.

Sunday 6th 300M target shoot 10am start

Monday Tuesday 7th & 8th Tauranga police have range booked.

Saturday & Sunday12th & 13th Working bee on range.

Saturday 19th Cadets will be using one range most of day.

Sunday 20th Deer Silhouette shoot 300,200,100 & 50M distances. 8 rounds of ammo per run through.



Saturday2nd C.N.I.G.C. Service rifle club day.

Sunday 3rd 300M target shoot.

Saturday & Sunday 9th & 10th working be on range.

Sunday 17th .22 Metalic Silhouette shoot.

Time to reload,

Malcolm P.     


Rotorua N.Z.D.A. Range report for June 2017.


Rotorua N.Z.D.A. Range Report June 2017.

Saturday 10th, due to last weekend being long weekend program a week later, C.N.I.G.C. Service rifle club shoot.
Sunday 11th, 300M target shoot, the usual 3 or 4 turned up.
Sunday 18th, not a nice day but 3 of us turned up to test a couple of rifles and our skills on the deer targets. 
A rather quiet month, but the good news is the new roof is on the 200M mound again, but on going out there yesterday (Thurs 22nd,) it was obvious the wind had blown the water dripping off the back of the roof right through the mound so next need the back wall closed in again, proposals of which have been discussed and an idea of how it will be done has been put forward.

Saturday 1st, C.N.I.G.C. Service rifle club day.
Sunday 2nd, 300M target shoot.
Sunday 16th, .22 Rimfire metalic silhouette shoot.

Saturday 5th, C.N.I.G.C. Service rifle club day.
Sunday 6th, 300M target shoot.
Sunday 20th, Deer silhouette / target shoot, 300, 200, 100 & 50M distances, 8 rounds of ammo per run through.

A request: Please if you are at the range and something is out of order or broken, please ring me or leave a message with the firearm folk at the outdoorsman who will certainly let me know. When I was out there on the 22nd, to do an induction, we went to put the flag up at the locked gate and were not able to do so as it was all in a heap on the ground, rope broken. If I had been notified I could have been prepared to repair it then, luckily was due to go out 2 days later, and will fix it. It does seem the setup has a particular problem that caused the rope to wear excessivly which will be investigated.
Also there are still people using the shorter distances on the 300M range incorrectly, if you wish to shoot at 100 or 200M on this range you must put your target at the bottom of the range and shoot off the open grass mounds of the particular distance, most people do get it right but there are one or two who do not. Please folks do the right thing as any mishaps could lose us a very valuble asset.
Time to reload,
Malcolm P,
027 625 9608. 



Rotorua N.Z.D.A. Range report for May 2017.


Rotorua Range Report May 2017.

Saturday 6th, C.N.I.G.C. Service rifle shoot.
Sunday 7th, D.A. 300M target shoot. Seven attended shooting their own program.
Saturday 13th, Working Bee, Was fairly well attended as the previous day had been a shocker weatherwise and a fair amount was done on the reconstruction of the 200M mound roof. The remainder of the framing has been completed and now ready for iron to go on Saturday 3rd June all going well. 
Sunday 21st, Rimfire silhouette shoot again attended by seven shooters, must be our lucky number.
Scores for the day:
Name,                       Chickens 40M     Pigs 60M    Turkeys 77M    Rams 100M       Total.
Paul M.                          1                        4                    2                      3                      10
Malcolm M.                   4                       4                     3                      3                      14
Lyall C.                          5                       5                     6                      7                      23
Dennis P.                        5                       7                     4                      6                      22
Chris                               2                       5                     0                      2                       9
Sara S.                             3                      5                     3                      3                      14
Aaron W.                         0                      3                     3                      3                        9   

Coming Events:
Saturday 10th, C.N.I.G.C. Service rifle clubday.
Sunday 11th, D.A. 300M target shoot, not a serious competition, just a chance to test your rifle at this distance and see how well you can manage at this distance.
Sunday 18th, deer silhouette shoot, Deer size picture on 1200 sq backer, shot at 300, 200, 100 and 50M. Eight rounds of ammo for each run through.

Saturday 1st, C.N.I.G.C. service rifle club day.
Sunday 2nd, D.A. 300M target shoot.
Sunday 16th, .22 rimfire silhouette shoot, 40, 60, 77 & 100M.

Found property; I am pleased to say some honest person has handed in a rifle suppressor left on the range. This item can be recovered from the outdoorsman, if you can assure the staff it is in fact yours.

Just a friendly reminder if you attend the range with a mate and do not yourself own a key, we would appreciate you paying the applicable range fee, $10-00 for non members and $5-00 for members who do not hold a key. Afterall the mate who lets you in has paid much more for his key each year.
Time to reload,
Malcolm P.


Rotorua N.Z.D.A. Range report for March 2017.


Saturday 4th C.N.I.G.C. Service rifle shoot.

Sunday 5th D.A. 300M target shoot, I was not available to attend this shoot and it was well managed by Dennis in my absence, even had some scones supplied I believe, usual 4 or 5 suspects attended.

Sunday 12th was to have been a Young Mariners shoot but was postponed due to weather concerns.

Sunday 19th A .22 Metalic Silhouette shoot, attended by 4 shooters. Scores for the day:

Name                          Chickens    Pigs    Turkeys    Rams                      Total.

Malcolm P                       6              4            3              5                             18

Sara S.                              6              3            6              2                             17

Amy                                  4              6            3              4                             17

Aaron W.                         3              3            1               2                              9

Sara and Amy did shoot supported while Mal and Aaron shot standing.

Sunday 26th The postponed Young Mariners Shoot. For this day eight young mariners turned up with nearly as many parents/leaders. There were 7 girls and one boy, they shot two 10 shot matches at 25 metres, which normally they would do in two relays but as targets were getting wet they shot both together on the 50M D.A. two diagram target. The shoot was postponed from the 12th because of weather but we were still unlucky.




Sunday 1st C.N.I.G.C. Service rifle club shoot.

Sunday 2nd D.A. 300M target shoot.

Saturday 22nd  Annual C.N.I.G.C./N.Z.D.A. Service rifle Anzac shoot.

Sunday 23rd D.A. Deer silhouette shoot, 300, 200, 100 & 50M distances.



Saturday 6th C.N.I.G.C. Service rifle club day.

Sunday 7th D.A. 300M target shoot.

Sunday 21st D.A. .22 Rimfire silhouette shoot.


Time to reload, Malcolm P.

Range report December’16/January’17.


There was not much activity in December but the Christmas Swazi shoot was a great success.

Saturday 3rd C.N.I.G.C. service rifle club shoot.

Sunday 4th Swazi junior shoot And Christmas B.B.Q. The junior shoot was a great success, with 16 participants taking part. Swazi apparel sponsor three items of clothing and there is an N.Z.D.A. trophy for highest score. As the top scorer repeated her effort from last year it was decided we would award the Swazi prizes to the next three highest scores. Also as there was quite a range of ages and skill levels we had a grade system; under 10yrs C grade; 10yrs and under 13yrs B grade; 13yrs and over A grade, the oldest being 16yrs. Results after the dust settled are:

A grade;

Daniel Faucett 96.4 Top score trophy, well done.

J Bennett 95.3 2nd Swazi prize

L Jamieson 93.1

B Jamieson 90.1

Amy Nattrass & O Lewis 86  5th =

Patrick ? 69.

C Russell 66

N McMillan 64.1


B grade


B Williams 94, Swazi prize

G Barington90

R Heatherington 88

C Faucett 79.

N Smith 76

T Smith 69.1


C grade


Miss P Marshall 63 Swazi prize.


As we had three grades we allocated one Swazi prize to each grade there were 4 non financial members who shot, and I appear to have mislaid their scores, however all shooters who did not win a prize went in to a lucky draw and some of those prizes were very worthwhile. There are several sponsors behind those prizes who I thank very much for their support.

I would ask that those who have photo’s of the event perhaps arrange to get some to Elvis as one of the conditions of the Swazi sponsorship is that they get photos and also the recipients please drop Swazi a note of thanks.


January 2017.


Saturday 7th C.N.I.G.C. service rifle club shoot.

Sunday 8th, 300M target shoot, we had four people turn up to shoot and I R/O.

This was an informal affair and people chose their own course of fire, the day went well. We had a new person attend who seems very keen to attend more shoots so that is encouraging.

Sunday 15th R/F silhouette shoot, a great attendance 7 shooters and I also took part though not very impressive. Scores for the day are out of a possible of 40:


Name                        Chickens         Pigs       Turkeys         Rams              Total

Sara                                8                    7               5                  4                    24   was shot off a rest.

Tom                                5                    3               6                  1                    15

Malcolm M                    4                    3               1                  4                    12

Aaron                              3                    4              1                   2                    10

Amy                                 5                    2              1                   1                      9

Paul                                 2                    3               3                   0                      8

Malcolm P                      4                    0               1                   2                      7


If we can at least keep up these numbers attending would be great even better if we can improve on them.




Sunday 5th D.A. 300M target shoot (aware it is a long weekend, hopefully not everyone will be away)

Saturday 11th C.N.I.G.C. Vietnam shoot. 300M range will be available for casual use.

Sunday 19th Deer silhouette shoot, 300, 200, 100, and 50M distances 8 rounds of ammo per run through.



Saturday 4th C.N.I.G.C. service rifle club day.

Sunday 5th D.A. 300M target shoot.

Sunday 12th Young Mariners have booked the 100/200M range; 300M available for casual use.

Sunday 19th R/F silhouette shoot.



If the 100/200M range is booked the 300M range can now be used independently BUT CARE NEEDS TO BE TAKEN AS YOUR TARGETS MUST BE SET AT THE BASE OF THE RANGE IN FRONT OF THE BACKSTOP, so if you arrive and some- one is shooting off the 100M grass mound you cannot till they are finished shoot from the 200 or 300M mound and obviously the other way round.


The new 50M range will be some little while before it is ready to use. DO NOT USE IT IN IT’S PRESENT STATE!

End of financial year 28th February 2017 means the keys for the gate will change, New keys will be available from 1st March ,THE OLD KEYS will continue to work till some time the first week of April. This gives you one month to organize your new key if you have one this year.

Time to reload,

Malcolm Perry.

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