Rotorua NZDA Range Standing Orders July 2017



Safety must be the prime consideration for any activity at the Rotorua NZDA rifle ranges.


Safety Rules:

The following Safety Rules are to be followed:

  • The Mead Road speed limit is 25kph.

  • The entrance gate must be kept locked; except during club shoots or at times specified by the committee.

  • Individuals under the influence of alcohol or drugs may not handle a firearm on the range complex.

  • Loaded firearms are to be pointed down the range at all times.

  • All shooting must be directly down range; shooting across any range is strictly prohibited.

  • Firearms must be unloaded and the action opened whenever firing ceases.

  • Firearms must not be left unattended.

  • Firearms must not be handled without the owners consent.

  • Persons under the age of 16 must be under direct adult supervision at all times.

  • Non firearms licence holders must be within arms length of a licence holder when shooting; only then are they permitted to use the ranges.

  • Firearms must have a safety flag visible in the firing chamber unless in immediate use

  • At the 200 metre mound rifles must be stored in the rack at the rear of the covered mound when the range is closed.

  • Firearms not in use must either be stored in a carrying case or bag or when at the 200 metre range in the rack at the rear of the covered mound.

  • Members must provide their own hearing protection and use it at his or her discretion. It is strongly recommended that hearing protection is used in the vicinity of center fire rifles.

  • The range is separated from the Pistol Club by an earth embankment. No-one is to climb this embankment while either or both ranges are in use.

  • The range is separated from the Black Powder Club by an area of open land.  No-one is to enter this area of land while one or both ranges are in use.

  • The last person to leave the range must ensure that all flags are down and securely stored and that the entrance gate is locked.


Accident Procedures:

  • Cellphone signal strength at the range is unrelible; there is a public phone outside the Blue Lake store.

  • First Aid facilities will be available in the range building during club shoots. Casual shooters are responsible for providing their own first aid support.


In the event of an accident the following procedure is to be strictly followed:

  1. Cease firing.

  2. Render First Aid or evacuate the injured person to the nearest medical facility.  Do not touch anything unless there are safety reasons to do so

  3. Seal off and control the area, if possible

  4. If a firearm is involved make no attempt to strip the firearm and advise the Police.

Fire Precautions:

  • No fires are to be lit without prior Committee and local authority approval.

  • All reasonable precautions are to be taken to prevent fires.

  • Any fires are to be extinguished immediately; unless unsafe to do so.



The ranges are restricted to rifle use only; no pistol or shotgun use is permitted on any part of the range.


Ammunition Types:

The following ammunition must be used on any od Rotorua New Zealand Deer Stalkers ranges

  • Tracer Ammunition

  • Incendiary Ammunition

  • Explosive Ammunition

  • Fragmentation Ammunition



The following persons must be present at all club shoots:

  • One or more Range Officer(s); approved by the Rotorua NZDA

  • Other appointed Officers or Rotorua NZDA member; as necessary


Range Flags:

Red Range Danger Flags are positioned at the following locations and are to be displayed prior to commencement of shooting.

  • at the range entrance when shooting at any of the site ranges

  • at the covered 200 metre mound when shooting at the 200 metre range

  • at the 300 metre mound when shooting at the 300 metre range



The Rotorua Deer Stalkers Association is responsible for the control and maintenance of the Rotorua Deer Stalkers’ rifle range. All users of the range are to read, accept and act according to the current Range Standing Orders.  All users of the range are subject to these orders.

The range is not to be used without the authority of the Rotorua Deer Stalkers Association. This is to be strictly observed and any member or individual abusing this authority will be banned from use of the range and may be prosecuted.  Any private user shall strictly adhere to the ‘Range Code of Conduct’ attached as Appendix A to these orders.


Range Keys

Any private use of the range outside official club shoots and competitions requires the user to be a current registered keyholder to the main entrance gate ((for more information on gate keys contact a committee member). Only financial members of the NZDA or other authorised persons and organisations are allowed to hold keys to enter the range. Keys are not to be handed to other persons; they are only to be used by the registered keyholder. Keys must be returned if a member becomes un-financial or ceases membership with the NZDA.


Hours of Operation

Access to use the range complex is by agreement with the land owner or his agent; as specified in our lease.  Generally this is 24/7, but may be restricted at any time at the discretion of the NZDA Rotorua branch committee.



The range is located near the end of Mead Road between the Rotorua Pistol Club range and the Rotorua Black Powder Club range.  Grid reference:- 38°13'27.4"S 176°21'24.7"E.

Mead Road is maintained mainly at the expence of the Rotorua Deer Stalkers Association please keep your speed below 25 kph to avoid unneccessary damage to the road.

The Rotorua NZDA complex has three ranges; the:

  • 300 metre range: has a target backstop at 300 metres. There are firing mounds at 100 metres, 200 metres and 300 metres

  • 200 metre range: has target backstops at 50 metres, 100 metres and 200 metres

  • 50 metre range: is under construction and must not be used until further notice


Priority of use:

The following is the order of priority for the use of the Rotorua Deer Stalkers Range:

  1. Rotorua Deer Stalkers shoots and competitions.

  2. CNIGC, Service Rifle Club shoots.

  3. NZ 300 Metre Association shoots and competitions.

  4. Others official shoots and competitions in order of priority.

  5. Range maintenance and range construction work.

  6. Private use by authorised Rotorua Deer Stalkers members.


Application of Range Instructions:

It is the responsibility of the NZDA to ensure that all persons using the range while it is under their control are familiar with these instructions.

At present moving targets are not used on the range, however, if moving targets are used in the future both the left and right of arcs are to be clearly indicated. Firing outside of these areas will be strictly prohibited.

Appendix A

Range Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct for the NZDA Range Rotorua is part of the Range Standing Orders.

  • Every range user, and in particular un-supervised private users, holding access keys to the range shall agree to abide to the following rules when accepting or using the keys to the range outside club or competition shoots:

  • All visitors to and users of the range must enter their names in one of the sign in books.  One book is located in the 300 metre covered mound, one in the 200 mtr mound.

  • If a casual group on range, one person should assume position of leader to make sure no person goes forward of firing line until the range is clear and the red warning flag is in position.

  • A red flag is available in each of the covered firing mounds.  This flag is to be placed in the designated socket forward of the mound to indicate that people are down range.  The person who puts the flag in place should also be the person to remove it.

  • To follow the priority of use described in the Range Standing Orders.

  • To show courtesy to other users.

  • To use only appropriate and designated targets, target frames and target back stops.  Do not shoot at, or attach targets to buildings, structures, tables or any other item not designed or provided as a target, target frame or target back stop.

  • Targets must be positioned immediately if front of a backstop; if a shooter wishes to shoot at a closer range then the shooter must move forward as necessary.

  • Rocks, tyres or other items that can cause ricochets, must not be placed on the range floor.

  • ‘Clays’ may be used as targets, however, the following must not be used as targets:

    • Glass bottles, any items of glass

    • Materials that fragment

    • Spray cans or other pressurised containers

  • Tidy up after yourself before leaving ensuring:

    • the removal of any targets brought onto the range; target holders (including card board boxes, real estate signs, boards etc)

    • the removal of any other rubbish (e.g. empty ammo boxes, drink bottles and spent cases [other than .22 rimfire]).

    • To return any targets or target holders provided by the Branch to their appropriate place or storage facility.


NZ Deerstalkers Assosiation - Rotorua Branch