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3rd Annual CNIGC NZDA Rotorua ANZAC Shoot Scores

Hello everyone

Please See the below link for the ANZAC 2017 Scored. It was a great day. Hope to see you all next year!



Hihitahi Challenge

Hello everyone

Please click beblow image to see more info on the upcoming Gillice Practicle Rifle Event in March.



Hello all,


We have two events coming up over the next week.  The second Anzac shoot will be on this Saturday 23rd April.  It starts at 9am.  If you need ammo for this, Outdoorsmen Headquarters has kindly offered 15% off the price of ammo to be shot at the event for competitors in it.


Also, next Wednesday (27th), we have another guest speaker presenting at the Neil Hunt park clubrooms.  Graham Carter will be giving a talk on his hunting and fishing adventures.  Graham is the editor of a free local Fishing and Outdoors Newspaper.  There is a $5 cover charge, but proceeds go towards the range developments and there will be a raffle of goodies.


More information on both events is attached.




Elvis Bowring

Secretary NZDA Rotorua

Anzac Day Shoot 2016

NZDA Rotorua Graham Carter

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