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Rotorua Range Report April 2019.

Sat 6th - Service rifle shoot.

Sunday 7th - 300M target shoot, a small band of shooters turned up. I was expecting two inductions, only one turned up, who was a chap I had met years ago when shooting smallbore.

Sat & Sun 20 /21 - Service rifle Tri nations shoot, all bolt actions now, attended by South Africa, Australia and N.Z. I imagined the Australians would have been quite at ease as they have only been allowed to use bolt actions for some time. However it seems from what I have heard the S.A. members and some of the N.Z. members did well. I heard the shoot went very well and our range was held in high regard.

Sat 27th was our annual combined (C.N.I.G.C. & N.Z.D.A.) Anzac shoot, which has always been a bolt action match. Numbers appeared to be down a little but after the previous weekend was not that surprising. One of the shooters just happened to be the person under whose guidance we are developing the 50M range, and as Dennis and I had taken him off to check our progress just as the prize giving was about to start, Something we did not realize, Peter was being called for the prize hand outs, much to his surprise he had won the main event, well done Peter Miles. As is usual for this competition, the C.N.I.G.C. team run the shooting side of things, thank you guys, and the N.Z.D.A. team look after the B.B.Q. lunch and I think I can safely say it was well enjoyed by all. Something not to be overlooked was that we had a lady competitor one of our D.A. members, good to have you involved Krystal.


MAY; Sat 4 th C.N.I.G.C. Service rifle club shoot. Bolt actions, so if some of you who have a bolt action service rifle and did not think you could take part before, now you can. Sun 5 th 300M Target shoot. Sun 19 th Deer target shoot, 300; 200; 100; and 50M distances.

JUNE; Sat 1 st C.N.I.G.C. Service rifle club day. Sun 2 nd 300M Target shoot, yes is long weekend Q.B. Sun 16 th .22 Metallic silhouette shoot.

JULY: Sat 6 th C.N.I.G.C. Service rifle club day Sun 7 th 300M Target shoot. Sun 21 st 100/200 3 positional shoot or for some 100M only .22 rimfire.

Time to reload, Malcolm P.

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