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Rotorua Branch Range Report July 2018.

Sat. 7th C.N.I.G.C. Service rifle club day.

Sunday 8th 300M target shoot. I was not available, Dennis stood in for me. Some scores for the day have been handed to me as follows;

Sara 33.

Patrick 31.

Amy 30.

Tony 30.

Aaron attended I believe but no scores given for him. Thanks guys hope you had a good day.

Sat. Sun. 14/15th Service rifle team practise.

Sun. 22nd was to have been Deer target shoot but a 100, 200M 3p Shoot was held instead due to wet condition of 300M range. Ten shooters started out on the 100M shoot but due to various circumstances only six completed the 200M stage. The weather did not look promising for the day but cleared enough for us to get through the program. Scores are as follows:

There were a few problems on the day, one member learnt a valuable lesson, don’t forget ammo. There was a bit of cross firing in one match that we could not resolve so that cost a few points.

Dennis did very well to come out top score, well done Dennis. We do have some trophys in the clubrooms for this type of shooting so if you are keen can do lots more of it.



Saturday 4th C.N.I.G.C. Service rifle club shoot

Sunday 5th 300M target shoot. (May be option for change).

Saturday 11th Regular working be. Anticipated jobs to be notified.

Sunday 19th .22 Metallic Silhouette shoot.

Tuesday 21st Tauranga A.O.S. May be on range.


Saturday 1st C.N.I.G.C. Service rifle club day.

Sunday 2nd 300M target shoot.

Sunday 16th Deer target shoot or 100, 200M 3P target shoot or both, make a day of it.


Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th C.N.I.G.C. Service Rifle Rapids Championship shoot.

Sunday 14th 300M target shoot.

Sunday 22nd .22 Metallic Silhouette shoot

Time to reload, Malcolm P.

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