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Rotorua Branch N.Z.D.A. range report for May 2018.

Saturday 5th was C.N.I.G.C. Service rifle club shoot.

Sunday 6th was 300M target shoot, and we managed 2 details of 4, eight shooters which is great. As people are not shooting for scores there are none to report

Sunday 20th was the deer target shoot. I was busy doing inductions, but initially one of our newer members turned up and patiently waited till I had finished the inductions by which time two more had turned up to take part, they only did one run through each, but were keen to come again. As usual there are no scores.



This months program will run one week later due to Queen’s Birthday weekend.

Saturday 9th C.N.I.G.C. Service rifle club day.

Sunday 10th 300M target shoot. 10AM start.

Tuesday 12th 300M range booked for Tauranga A.O.S. midday to evening.

Saturday & Sunday 16th, 17th the 300M range is booked for S.A. team practice. (100 & 200 still available for casual use).

Sunday 24th >22 Metallic silhouette shoot. 10AM start.


Saturday 7th C.N.I.G.C. Service rifle club day.

Sunday 8th 300M target shoot. 10AM start.

Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th 300M range booked for S.A. team practise.

Sunday 22nd Deer target shoot, 300, 200, 100, & 50M distances. 8 rounds of ammo per run through.


Very soon the engineers will be getting the steelwork underway for the 50M range backstop. Many thanks to Mike Jamieson for being the kingpin behind this effort. Once steel work in place there will be a good deal of more straight forward timber work to get done to make the range functional.

Our regular working bee that would have been on the 9th of June will have to be held off due to bookings on that date. I will endeavor to get something under way later in month depending on weather.


Inductions, revision and full will continue to be available at club shoots.

Time to reload,

Malcolm Perry.

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