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Rotorua Branch Range Report March 2018.

Saturday 3rd C.N.I.G.C. Held their Service rifle club shoot. Sunday 4th NZDA 300M target shoot, I was not able to attend so not sure who did, Dennis was R/O in my absence. Saturday 17th was a booking for service rifle practise. Sunday 18th was a Deer silhouette shoot, only 2 or 3 attended, but I did 4 or 5 inductions.

COMING EVENTS/BOOKINGS. April: Saturday 7th C.N.I.G.C. Service rifle club day. Sunday 8th 300M target shoot. Sunday 22nd .22 Metallic Silhouette, 40; 60; 77 & 100M distances. Saturday 28th Combined NZDA – CNIGC; ANZAC SHOOT, our annual event.

May: Saturday 5th C.N.I.G.C. Service rifle club shoot. Sunday 6th 300M target shoot. Sunday 20th Deer target shoot, 300, 200, 100 & 50M distances, 8 rounds ammo required per run through. Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th 300M range booked for S.A. Service rifle team.

June: Regular shoots moved back a week due to Q.B. weekend. Saturday 9th C.N.I.G.C. Service rifle club shoot. Sunday 10th 300M target shoot. Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th 300M range booked for S.A. Service rifle team.

New keys. Members are advised that those who previously had a key are required to do an induction revision by way of a short questionnaire. Members were advised of 4 evening and one afternoon sessions at the club rooms to do this. Several of our out of town members took advantage of these sessions but I am afraid those who did not will now have to come to a club shoot. The test only takes 5 - 10 minutes, but gives us a chance to update members who may have originally done their induction before all the recent changes to the range. The old key will cease to work after the end of APRIL. The new key is working now.

Working Bees. I have been asked by several keen members when the next working bee is to be held. After a range committee meeting this month you can expect to see some dates via mail soon.

Time to reload, Malcolm Perry. Mob 027 625 9608.

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