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Report on progress on 50M range.

Yes we are making progress even if a little slow and steady.

11th May - a working bee was arranged, eight or ten people including a couple of ladies turned up. Work achieved; some painting to the steel support frame, timber support beam at rear fixed in place, support posts to rear beam concreted in, steel cleats welded in place for rafters, rafters in central bay fixed in place. Also some weed trimming to 100M range.

Saturday 18th, - Dennis and Malcolm P made a start laying 250 x 50mm decking to centre section of the structure. This is not a fast process but reasonable progress was made.

Saturday 25th a working bee was called at short notice and five persons turned up. Three people continued work on the decking and other two did some maintenance jobs to other ranges, there is always something that can be done. I will send some photos to give an idea of what is happening.

As the coming weekend is a long weekend the next chance to work will probably be Sat 8th, so if you have a spare few hours contact Dennis who will advise what is happening and what is required.

Lastly a big thanks to those that have given their time so far.

Malcolm P.


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