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Important Notice - Re Rotorua Range Keys

Due to the OUTDOORSMAN OUTFITTERS SHOP ceasing it’s bussiness on Friday 17th January, they will obviously no longer be able to act as an agent for our range keys. As from Thursday 16th January this role will be taken over by GUN SUPPLIES in Ti street. As we are nearing the end of the financial year there is not much activity expected till the new year keys become available the first week of March.

After last years fiasco with memberships I would suggest that members keep an eye on their emails, if this is the way we get our rnewal invoices thisyear and get them paid promptly. As no card no key.

A reminder that Aaron Winter is now the range convenor, but to help Aaron out I will continue to organize the key supplies.

Range convenor: Aaron Winter, 0210630516

Keys: Malcolm Perry, 0276259608.

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