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Change to range program

Due to the very wet condition of the 300M range, and a suggestion made to me at the working bee, I have proposed that the club shoot on Sunday 22nd will take the following format:

A paper target 3P shoot at 100 & 200M as follows;

100M Prone Kneel & Stand 5 shots each position,

200M similar but substitute Sitting for Kneel.

As the day may be a bit longer than usual suggest you might like to bring a lunch.

And there is even a trophy in the clubrooms for such a shoot and several others we should brush the dust off if any of you are keen.

If it suits some may only shoot 100M using .22 R/F.

And before anyone asks, rules are just your favourite hunting rifle, not too big a calibre best, would prefer no muzzle brakes, sound moderators ok, novice shooters may use support.

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