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COLFO News May 2018

The May newsletter for COLFO that a small levy from your membership fee goes to support is available here. Joining as an individual is cheap in the overall scheme of things as detailed below,

Just a reminder that COLFO is the Coalition For Licenced Firearms Owners.

And here is the email that accompanied the newsletter itself from the secretary of COLFO, Stuart Hayman

While I so of course support the wish to get more people involved in shooting, the Service Rifle clubs I am aware of would struggle to cope with a large increase in shooters at any one range day. At ASRA we have fantasised about a huge increase in members from say SHOT/Expo - but realised that with our current range capacity we would have difficulty. More range days is not really possible. More people on any one day would mean more waiting (in often bad weather) and possibly less shooting. But think about spreading the word, and trying to get one new mate along,even just to see what it is about. However, I would encourage you to join COLFO as an individual member - currently only $23 p.a. COLFO has been around as long as NZSRA (since 1996) - and we are a founder member. Some people knock COLFO, because they don't understand that much of what it does is pretty much under the radar. Other groups have been and gone but COLFO continues to represent the interests of all firearms owners and users (even members of those Associations that choose not to join) and is respected (and feared) by our several enemies. In an increasingly firearms-hostile world I remind you of the old and still true saying - "Gentlemen, we must indeed all hang together, or most assuredly we shall all hang separately." (Franklin) Regards Stuart Hayman Secretary 24/5/18

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