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Rotorua Branch Range Report for April 2018.

Members please note; advertised range bookings generally only apply to one or other range, there will still be a range available for casual use.

Saturday 7th C.N.I.G.C. Service rifle club shoot.

Sunday 8th 300M Target shoot, six or eight people turned up for this shoot, our attendances are slowly increasing, as this is not a formal shoot people fire off the number of rounds they wish, under range officer control. The number of shots fired is about 3 to 5 rounds each segment then targets are checked and more rounds fired if wished.

Sunday 22nd .22 Silhouette shoot, 8 people turned up apart from me, I did not shoot as I did several inductions. The weather was great a bit windy and fine, results follow.

There were three rather happy folk, Chris & Mel were shooting this for the first time and Lewis beat his Dad. You all should improve with more practise.

Saturday 28th dawned overcast and showery for the ANZAC shoot, but in spite of the weather 22 brave souls turned up including 1 lady. As well as the shooting program, that involved about 60 shots, there was a roast pork and vegs lunch, I had erected my 6m x 3m gazebo which gave everyone a mostly dry place to eat. Before we were allowed to eat there was a prize giving with a couple of trophies and medals for 1st, 2nd & 3rd in each class.

Scores for the medals were:

Service; Wayne M, 253.020; Mark P, 252.012; Glen M, 137.000

Open: Marty T, 304.045; Will O, 278.031; Micheal T, 240.027.

Bolt: Sem DV, 269.022; Rodney M, 264.034; Peter K, 252.023.

In spite of the weather people seemed to enjoy the day, I would like to thank the Service rifle boys for running the shoot, the D.A. guys for a spot on lunch and all those who pitched in to pack up afterwards.



Saturday 5th, C.N.I.G.C. Service rifle club day.

Sunday 6th 300M target shoot.

Sunday 20th Deer target shoot, 300, 200, 100 & 50M distances, just 8 rounds of ammo per run through, and can do 1, 2 or even 3 runs if you wish. This is not a scored match, no embarasement.

Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th the 300M range is booked for S.A. rifle team.


Program will be a week later than usual for Queen’s Birthday weekend.

Saturday 9th C.N.I.G.C. Service rifle club day.

Sunday 10th 300M target shoot.

Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th 300M range booked for S.A. team.

Sunday 24th .22 Metallic Silhouette shoot.

Time to reload,

Malcolm P.


Scores from Saturday's Central North Island Gun Club shoot are at the link below.

A good day once again. Good to see some new shooters coming along. Well done Marty, clocking up the wins!

Regards, Rob M

Secretary Central North Island Gun Club

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