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President's Report for Annual General Meeting 2018

Annual General Meeting 2018

Well as in previous years this year has again seen a steady increase in membership, which is an awesome position for the Branch to be in. Typically, it appears that the main draw card for joining our Branch is the Range

With the this added increase in membership I would have expected to have had a better patronage at our Branch shoots but once again this has not been so.

However, the CNIGC shoots have been well attended as have the joint organized ANZAC shoot as were CNIGC Rapids shoot. The junior Xmas/Swazi shoot was again well attended and with the bonus of sponsorship from Paul Ottaway of Directional Drilling Services (Auckland) limited the event was another wonderful day for the juniors whom attended. Let us hope that they will continue in this sport of shooting regardless of all the fake news where are bombarded with lately.

Again, with the Central guys using our range we enjoy the extra funding towards the range, which with the numbers that attend their service shoots is in stark contrast to our monthly shoots and we have over 150 range keys out with 300 members plus.

And so, to the range, the key to our membership-

The last two years had been a momentous year, we had been granted a lone to complete the Range development.

And now I think that all the challenging work negotiating and organizing people and machinery has paid off in spades.

And what about the new range name then The Malcom Perry Range long overdue.

Both ranges are completed, and we have only some further work to finalize the new 50m.

We have finally completed the new toilet complex well almost one loo to be shorted, but one is fully operational, we have only to install hand wash system.

The biggest issue I have is the lack of support from our members at working bees and the like, it appears to be the same old same old out their doing it once again I have suggested a donation or the like to forwarded in lieu of their labor?

So perhaps an additional joining fee may need to be added to the membership fees? This could help cover these two projects

Once again would also like to acknowledge the work and support of the guys from the CNIGC as they have been great at stepping in and being Range Officers at the shoots and adding their labor on our working bees.

I must also acknowledge the committee who have made us a strong unit you all have been great, I would personally like to thank a couple of the committee who have been always there when I needed a something sorted , Elvis , the go to guy for emails and the like when I wanted something smashed out ASAP and also the Malc Midgley who got tad crook there for a while and we were a tad concerned over your outcome a but you bounced back and are a true asset to us by being able to sort out quotes and bits and pieces for the Range while the rest of us are at work cheers Mate

I would also like to thank Sharron Price for putting up with my calls to Dennis, so I could vent off steam over issues that cropped up, thanks for being a great sounding board and for having my back in the tough times, I am still waiting for that flash whiskey you talk about.

Thanks again to you all



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