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Presidents Report Jan 2018

Hi all

Well I hope all went well with you all over the new year and many a fine BBQ had, one can’t complain about the weather it’s been hot, hot, damn hot. But luckily, we have had good rain to make the pastures green.

So new Government, sky hasn’t fallen in and we have yet to see what’s, going to happen with the arms act hopefully not much. But who watched the TV 1 news a night or two ago, the article was on whether the Police should do drug testing of drivers, and one top surgeon agreed as he stated drivers are in control of a 1 tonne machine and in his words, these are the deadliest weapons in New Zealand !!! so there not one rifle mentioned.

So, the new year will bring a new change to the range induction, the team have made a questionnaire that all people wishing to obtain a range key will have to fill out, this is to keep up with times and insure the that people have signed and understand the Range Standing orders. And before you go off on a rant we have had some muppets using the range still after all the signage and inductions, typically while on the 300m. So, I say again if you are being a muppet and are observed you will be on the front page of the news letter!! na your key will be taken.

Good news on the toilet front these will be started within a week or, so which will be god dam awesome

We will also be organising a hell working bee in the near future as we need to get the 50m finished and I know that’s been a long time coming -gee three individual ranges who would of thought we could do that.

I attended the Vietnam Shoot and it was a great turn out as usual, meet up old mates from work and school days , and I was shooting open with irons and at on stage after scoring a possible thought I was in with a chance but next event duffed a mag change and also had miss feed in the next so that was me gone, but a great day and good support from the sponsors one of which I hope may return to our ANZAC shoot

So, the next big show will be the AGM so get off your arses and rock down on the 19th March and put your hand up if you think you would like to help or remove the Pres as he may be hunting down Tekapo around then as he been soo busy with the range and stuff finally got the hell invite ha-ha

So that’s about it from me Cheers Colin

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