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Rotorua NZDA Range report for January 2018.

Saturday 6th was a service rifle club day.

Sunday 7th, should have been a 300M target shoot, but due to the 300M range having been recently topped with topsoil and the wet weather that followed it was not practical to run the event so those that turned up assembled on the 200M range and did their own thing, sighting in and the like.

Sunday 21st was to have been a deer silhouette shoot but only one person other than myself turned up, so we had a run throught then called it a day as we both had places to be.



Saturday 3rd C.N.I.G.C. Service rifle, Vietnam shoot.

Sunday 4th DA 300M target shoot, an invitation has been put out for surrounding branches to come with a team of four, we will see.

Sunday 18th .22 Metallic Silhouette shoot, Juniors welcome.

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