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Hunter Class Shoot - 25th February 2018

Hi to all, here is an event that you may be interested in attending. Recommended asa an event by Colin Petersen (the President):

Te Puke Rifle Club is honoured to host the Bay of Blenty's second open championship for factory standard sporting rifles. This is to introduce keen hunters to our new Hunter Class competition for sporting rifles to increase their skills and have some fun at longer ranges. The competition will be held over 300, 500 and 600 yards to be shot on Silver Mountain electronic targets, course of fire — 2 convertible sighters plus five rounds for score at 300 yards once, 500 yards once and 600 yards twice, on NRANZ targets.

Round count required 7 rounds per range so 28 rounds for the day.

All shots will be fired prone, with rifles supported by bipod/bacicpack or similar.

Entry fee is $40.00

Scrutineering starts at 8.30am and shooting will start at 9.30am There will be a BBQ and refreshments after the shoot.

Range is located on 823 Maniatutu Road, Pongakawa

This shoot is limited to 50 places, on a first in, first served basis.

To give all shooters a fair chance to compete with each other we will scrutineer all rifles on arrival to similar rifle categories (Hunter/Varmint etc).

Sponsored prizes will be awarded

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