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Shooters Lottery

Check out the Shooters Lottery at Received from a "trusted source" (yes really). This is an attempt to encourage the 220,000 odd FLIC holders (out of 250,000) who are not involved in any organisation to at least keep up to date with threats to their continued ownership and use of firearms. While it is probably too much to hope that these uninvolved masses will actually do anything this is a method of at least keeping them informed by motivating to win a prize. I know you all are at least involved by belonging to NZDA and probably other shooting organisations, but I would you all know at least one other person who owns one or more firearms - how about sending this page/link to at least one of these people? Those of you who have been around for a while (or decades even) will know that apathy is our biggest enemy and that on the one occasion that we managed to gee people up (the 2000 proposed Arms Act) we did stop it - with a mere 7000 submissions (like less than 3% of FLIC holders). Maybe the offer of prizes will help at lest get back to this level. While we haven't seen much yet, this Government contains some significant anti-firearms people. Wozza (aka Warren Fitzsimmons)

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