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Presidents Report - Nov-Dec 2017

Hi all

Well hello there long time no word well sorry about that as I have had a fair bit on so I have not made the time to put pen to paper as they say.

Well there been a few things going down in the past month or so, firstly sounds like the sika hunts that have been organised by the Sika foundation are becoming a big attraction with most of the hunts booked out months ahead and by all accounts they have good value and all I have talked with have had a great time despite not shooting an animal, or having someone getting lost.

Way back some year or so ago I discussed with Dennis we should name the range so, with a quite talk amongst the committee it was done. I managed to mill a bit solid old log from up north, got it named and then it sat in the shed as we had to find a time to put it up without the old dude sussing it.

A day was planned and we (D Price, M Paulger and myself) were into it but alas the Range godfather just couldn’t have a day off and snapped us.

So the range has proper name

Pretty cool you think

And well over due as Malcolm has spent yrs. out there helping members, sorting/running shoots so well done mate.

Next up was the Red Stag board Members shoot.

Red Stag wanted to have a fun shoot for the board so we were glad to be of assistance as Red Stag have donated large amounts of framing timber to the range.

So along with the CNIGC we held a shoot

Consisting of a; single target, bowling pins, steel gong and some clay birds, run in a competition.

They all shoot 20rds with AR15 A Cat rifles and had a ball.

We had also organised some 300m shooting but once they had spied the .50 cal they were not really interested in much else, it was an awesome draw card and I must thank Ken Roundtree from NZAR15 for kindly sending the heavy best up for us to use Cheers Ken awesome support from your company.

The Guys were really impressed with the shooting that and also commented on how good the range was. Thanks to Warren Fitzsimmons and Mike Jamison for their work as ROs and of course to Malc Perry

The good thing RED Stag would be willing to donate more timber should we require it.


Then on the following Sunday we held the junior SWAZI shoot.

This event is typically supported by SWAZI with clothing as prizes.

We also had $300 donated toward prizes form Directional Drilling Service (Auckland) this was donated by Paul Ottaway director this was really great for Directional drilling to support our up and coming young shooters

The turnout was not as good as last time but those who fronted enjoyed the day and all walked off with a prize.

Dale Williams from RDC also supplied some prizes and gave a talk on the wallaby problem around the district. Thanks Dale every year we can count on your support.

We also held the prize giving for the heads that were brought in so in all it was a good day all round including a visit from the Branch Patron Rod who also made a speech to commemorate the naming of the Malcolm Perry Range

For the Range

Well you may have noticed an old 20 foot container that turned up well we got for free and it is planned to put it out behind the 200 m mound, it will be used to store the 200 and possibly the 300 targets.

We are still waiting to get someone to install the toilets and we are willing to pay for!!

Thankfully the weather is now settled and thus we have finally latched on to a digger from TW Moore, so by now you will have noticed the email and also the work being done out there I hope to get it all done in one hit so we can finally get the 50m up and running, although there will be some work to get the 50m signed off so please remain calm.

Finally we are working through a new Range induct form which will be a bit more interactive and will require people to shoot at one range day shoot, this will begin at the start of new year when new keys are out

I wish you all a safe and Merry Christmas and good New year and look forward to your support in the new year

Cheers Colin

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