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Range Closure while development work proceeds

Hi all

As you have been aware we at the Range have been working to get the 50m Range completed well the good news is we have finally been able to get TW Moore’s digger out to finish off raising the 50m backstop and the side berm to the south. Bad weather has been delaying this work.

At the same time, we will endeavour to cut a road access through the 200m backstop at Pistol Club side, this will allow the 20m container to be placed behind the 200m for target storage etc.

Also, we will close off the access to back of the 200m from down along the 300m berm, this is required as to stop people walking out into the 300m range -not good look.

So, this work is due to start this Wednesday 6th December and will go possibly through to Friday 8th December.

Due to extra time required to fully complete the berm work the range will be closed from Month 11th to Wednesday 13th December

This means the Range will be closed on these days from approx. 7.30 am to 5.00pm each day.

Should circumstances change I will place out new email.


Colin Petersen

On behalf of the Range committee

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