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Swazi Shoot 2017

Rotorua Branch N.Z.D.A. Swazi sponsored Junior shoot. Yesterday December 3rd we held our annual Swazi shoot for Juniors. Checking some information I have it would seem this is our eleventh event. Recently we have combined this with our Christmas B.B.Q. and this year was also our prize giving which was postponed from an earlier date.

We initially had eight Juniors turn up, some very young but two of the younger ones did not complete the shoot but did try and I guess will be the start of better things in the future.

Of the six that completed the shoot three were members and three not members. The highest score for the day was shot by a non member, Connor Hey, but Swazi stippulate that those that win the Swazi prizes must be members, so the ist prize went to the second highest score Danielle Fawcett, just the third time she has managed that, third highest score got second Swazi prize Jasmine Fawcett, next highest score was a nonmember a young lady Cheyenne Alsop, next highest got Swazi 3 rd prize young lad by name of Connor Carter, makes me feel old I used to compete with his Grandfather, and last but not least was a non member Luke Williams.

All the juniors seemed to enjoy the day there was additional fun targets they shot at including balloons. After a very nice B.B.Q. the prizes were handed out, the non-members also took part in the spot prize prize draw thanks to prizes kindly donated by Paul Ottoway, Auckland and Dale Williams from the regional Council who also donated the targets we used.

In closing I would like to sincerely thank Swazi for their continued sponsorship, Paul and Dale for their generosity,the committee members who helped out on the day and the parents, members and non members who gave their time to bring their juniors along to enjoy the day. Thank you all.

Merry Christmas one and all. Malcolm Perry.

And the report by the current webmaster Ralph PRice:

The Swazi Shoot was held today at our range on Mead Road. Great weather for the day and the young members had a good time.

Thanks to Swazi for the sponsoring of the Shoot along with the Bay of Plenty Regional Council for targets and sponsorship of spot prizes.

Left to right: Swazi shoot placegetters - Connor Carter (3rd place), Danielle Fawcett (1st place) and Jasmine Fawcett (2nd place)

Left to right: Danielle Fawcett (1st place) and Jasmine Fawcett (2nd place)

Connor Carter (3rd place)

Thanks to sponsorship from Paul Ottaway from Directional Drilling Services (Auckland) and Dale Williams from Bay of Plenty Regional Council there was spot prizes all of the junior shooters.

The new sign for the range now called the Malcolm Perry Range is now unveiled. A great piece of work to celebrate the work that Malcolm has put in over the years, Thanks to Colin Pedersen, Dennis Price, the businesses who carried out work in the creation of the sign, Mark Paulger and anyone that was involved in getting it organised.

And here is the Official report on the day from Malcolm Perry:

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