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Passing Of Member


Hello all. It is with great sadness that I pass on the following message from Rod Houghton.

Just a quick update for those who do not read the Daily Post. On 20th Sept our Patron and Life Member Desmond (Des) Jenkins passed away in Rotorua Hospital.

Many newer members will not have known Des and the very considerable contribution of time and in particular financial expertise he brought to Branch affairs. At present I do not know when Des joined up, however a quick perusal of past editions of the TINES show Des being party hunts convenor in 1978.

As a sometime Treasurer, I came to appreciate the advice that Des, as a very successful self made businessman /investor, had to pass on to newbies like myself. Des was a self effacing sort of guy, although he did not hesitate to compose and send off the occasional witty and barbed rebuke to one of our leaders in NZDA HQ in Wellington if he thought they stuffed up.

Former committee members will remember that over several years Des made generous financial donations to the club for such projects as construction of a bar! He did ask that it be anonymous, however committee members at the time were in the loop. Des had his health issues in recent years. His mobility was much reduced . His wit and wisdom remained to the end and those of us who knew him as a friend will consider ourselves fortunate.

Des's funeral service will take place at Osbornes Funeral Home, Old Taupo Road at 10.30 on Tuesday 26th.


NZDA Rotorua

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